Our Story

In1896 a small group of believers in Memphis, Indiana gathered together and formed what we now know as Memphis Christian Church (MCC). The first building was erected on Main Street months later. In 1901, the original building was destroyed by fire.  A new building was erected in 1907 and served the church for the next 8 decades. After receiving a very generous donation from a community leader of 7 acres near the interstate, construction began at the current site in the fall of 1987. On March 13, 1988, the congregation marched from the Main Street building to the new Memphis-Bluelick building and held their first service. Throughout the years this small, but committed group of believers have had an impact on their community and their world.

Our Re-Launch and Mission

In 2006, MCC relaunched its ministry with an expanded focus on the Southern Indiana Communities of Scott, Greater Clark, West Clark, East Washington and surrounding counties with this four-fold mission and purpose. We exist as a church to help people:

• Discover God’s love, grace, and desire for relationship for them.

• Connect with God and with others who share in their faith journey.

• Grow in their knowledge of who Jesus is, becoming more like Him.

• Love by considering the needs of others above their own.

Our Influence & Ministries

The influence we are having on our community is profound and our intention is to expand this influence. Over the last ten years, we have witnessed over 400 individuals and families come to a relationship with Jesus Christ in baptism. We have ordained 6 men into vocational ministry, developed 12 men to serve as Elders, and trained numerous small groups and ministry leaders. This is deeply exciting and continues to require a growing faith and willingness among us all as we work with limited physical resources, the most obvious of which is the lack of classroom, lobby, and large gathering space.

Today, MCC is fulfilling this mission in the lives of more than 600 individuals and families through a robust children and family ministry, a vibrant youth ministry, and small groups that meet throughout the week in homes or on campus. In fact, the MCC campus is in use at least 5 out of 7 days each week. Currently, more than 90% of regular attenders serve in some capacity among the multiple programs and ministries. 

On any given Saturday night, Sunday morning, or Wednesday evening, every classroom is filled nearly to capacity with children, teens, and adults. Efforts to use our current space efficiently have been exhaustive. This is especially true of our thriving children’s and teen ministry, which have grown from 5 children to more than 150 in the last 16 years. Our service to the community is requiring large gathering spaces to host teen events, foster family gatherings, VBS, and other special opportunities like MDWK that reaches over 200+ people every other week!

Our Plan

In 2014, our Pastor, Elders, and Staff began working with a designer, contractor consultant, and engineer to express a vision and plan for physical space that will accommodate the ministry that God has given MCC. The proposed solution was a three-phase project that was most reflective of the heart of our MCC Family.


In 2016, with a vision, a three-phase project that was most reflective of the heart of our MCC Family, and a capital fundraising goal of 1.3 Million well on its way, we began site work, necessary utility upgrades, and finally construction on Phase I. In 2018, construction of a large Main Lobby, atrium, offices, kitchen, and classroom wing was complete. We then moved forward with the complete renovation and build-out of a first-class Clubhouse suite of classrooms, worship space, restrooms, and lobby for our children 5th grade and under.  Finally, in 2019, we modified the existing Worship Center, to provide additional seating, new windows, and entrance to accommodate the over 100 new families now attending MCC. By God’s grace and the commitment of this Church family, Phase 1 was completed without incurring debt and within cost estimates!


Today, we find ourselves near capacity and ready for Phase 2 at an estimated cost of $800,000. This includes a 2nd main entry, portico, and lobby. The addition of classrooms, restrooms, and a large Multi-purpose space capable of seating over 450 people at tables or 500 seats for worship, teaching, MDWK, and family gatherings, equipped with a stage, baptistery, dressing rooms, and large storage areas. When not in use for weekend and MDWK gatherings, the large open space with 22 ft high ceilings will be set up for basketball, volleyball, skating, and other family activities. Fundraising efforts to date have us over one-third of the way funded.


(estimated cost: to be determined) is comprised of a dedicated worship center with stadium seating for 500. This is considered a visionary goal within the next 10 years.

Our Objectives

The Bible tells us that it has been God’s unchanging plan, from the beginning of time, that we be adopted into His family through Jesus Christ and that this brought Him great pleasure (Ephesians 2).  God continues to do great things through you, His family. For this reason, we kneel before Him and pray that our family members, neighbors, and those around the world will know and be filled with His love. It is with this Spirit that we embark together on this Commitment to Growth.