Easter at MCC

Celebrate Easter at MCC

Community Egg Hunt

Come join the community for the largest Egg Hunt in the area! Over 10,000 eggs will be hidden, all packed with candies, and placed for children to find! In addition, children and families will have a place filled with opportunities to CONNECT.

Good Friday

 “The Day Grace Won"

Good Friday 7pm

           The name we have given this day in April “Good” Friday seems counter to the events that took place according to God’s plan. On this day, Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, was nailed to a Roman cross, a symbol of punishment and death, yet he was without sin. If He was guilty of anything it was Grace.  Unmerited, unearned, favor that flowed from His every action, word, teaching, even his death. On Friday His enemies believed they held victory, but it was Grace that won. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Come and hear the story of Christ’s gift of grace for us all.

Easter Sunday

“His Grace Stands”

Easter Sunday 9am & 11am

              On Friday the body of Jesus was placed in a cold dark tomb, sealed by authorities, guards placed outside. Those who had left everything to follow Jesus 3 years earlier were disillusioned. They had heard His teaching, witnessed His power, and experienced first-hand His grace. His grace – unearned, undeserved favor. Forgiveness of unbelief, their past, event thoughts they feared speaking aloud. But on the morning of the third day, the tomb was found empty, the stone rolled away, and the guards in a daze who had witnessed the impossible. Jesus was alive. He had risen from the dead. How would he respond to his disciples who deserted him? What about those who questioned his identity? His grace Stands and can be trusted no matter the odds. His grace continues to rescue us from death. His grace guarantees our homecoming. Come and experience this grace for yourself this resurrection Sunday.