Secret Church

Students and Young Adults will gather together for an overnighter to receive teaching via livestream

Students (11TH/12TH GRADE) and Young Adults (18-25) will gather together for an overnighter at Wonder Valley, Salem (IN), to receive teaching via live stream from Pastor David Platt. Encouraged by our persecuted brothers’ and sisters’ example, we meet for close to 6 hours for intense study of God’s Word and passionate prayer for the persecuted.


5:30p - Arrive at WonderValley

6:00p - DINNER

6:45p - Overview of the Night

7:00p - SESSION 1 

9:00p - Break

9:05p - SESSION 2 

11:05p - Break

11:10p - SESSION 3


1:15a - Late Night Worship / Campfire

2:00a Cards & Laughs

3:00a - Hit the Sack

9:00a - Wake Up

9:30a - Breakfast

10:30a - Relax & Explore

12:00p - Leave

STUDY: Take a 6 hour deep dive to study God’s epic tale of redemption in the story of Ruth. It’s a story that reminds us that each of our lives–no matter how ordinary they may sometimes seem and no matter how difficult they may sometimes be–is indeed a part of a plan much larger than ourselves and much more thrilling than we could ever imagine.

PRAY: This year we will explore the story of the persecuted church in North Korea, considered by many the most hostile-to-Christians country in the world. Together we will pray and support our brothers and sisters in North Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia and other persecuted places.

ACT: We will be challenged to live on mission–in our neighborhoods and to the nations.